Be Aware that the Prohibition of Hemp continues in many Areas!

Although hemp is now legal, the prohibition has damaged the public’s understanding of the many benefits of hemp.

   So many politicians, lawmakers and government agencies are still wary of allowing the use of a plant that is connected it’s cousin, Marijuana, that is best know for its psychoactive drug properties.
  Unfortunately, Federal legalization did not offer explicit guidance and this allows for states to separately develop their own laws regarding the growing hemp and developing of products made from it.
  So even though the federal government has legalized hemp, state governments will be allowed have to ban it from their respective territories.
  Idaho’s state government recently voted against growing hemp. And it is being fought against in Georgia and a few other states.
  Since this conflicts with federal law, these states must write bills that allow transporters of hemp to pass through their state. But these states may invoke the need to have a permit from each state and they will can charge anyone transporting hemp through their state if caught and they do not have such a permit.

But there are many states who’ve already embraced hemp!
That means those forward thinking states now have the ability to create new opportunities for farmers and entrepreneurs to work towards a more sustainable future!