Did You Know Our Founding Fathers Grew Hemp?

Hemp is a crop that dates back to the early English days in Colonial America.
Did you know that Betsy Ross sewed the first American flag from hemp?
Or that George Washington grew hemp for fiber?
  Are you aware that much of the Paper used during that time was often made from hemp? And that hemp was used to make rope and canvas products for ships, cloth for fabric, and pulp for paper.
   Colonial farmers, such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, grew hemp on their farms. They knew that it would grow just about everywhere, including land that no other crop would thrive on.
  Thomas Jefferson grew hemp both at Monticello and at Poplar Forest, his plantation in Bedford County, Virginia. Hemp, along with flax and cotton, was primarily used for making clothing at Monticello. That is because he knew that Hemp is superior to cotton in so many ways.

Because of it’s many uses, our forefathers knew this, and there was a time that it was mandated that hemp be grown by all farmers in the land.

Farmers all across America are once again beginning to see the advantages of growing hemp and are proud to contribute to creating a more sustainable future.

So what are some of the other possible uses for hemp?
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