Farmers Grow Hemp to Create a more Sustainable USA!

The 2018 Farm Bill made it legal for Hemp to be grown and used to create thousands of products in all 50 states!
  If you are or know a Hemp Farmer, at HempEarthArt, we offer many ways to celebrate this profession. Hemp Farmers can find many ways proudly declare to the world that they are part of the solution to creating a more sustainable world here.
  NOW! Is the time to start wearing a t-shirt, using a metal tumbler for beverages, carrying a cloth bag when shopping or drinking coffee in a ceramic mug that proclaims your Eco-Friendly vocation.

  When people see any of these items, it will be easy to engage them in conversations about the value of hemp. And perhaps inspire an investor to help create more pathways to market hemp or discover an entrepreneur to build a new industry around hemp.