How can Hemp be used?

Hemp is the strongest natural fiber in the world, known to have over 50,000 different uses!
• Imagine if you could save 4 acres of trees by making paper from a single acre of this rapid-growing plant, instead!
• Imagine a car built with something lighter than steel that could stand 10 times the impact without denting. Henry Ford once did!
• Hemp can be used to create biodegradable plastics to replace a wide swath of plastic products. Imagine biodegradable Legos or Playing Cards.
• Hempcrete can can be used as a building material to create carbon-negative buildings and provide shelters in regions that have experienced deforestation or have no resource for concrete,
• Imagine creating rope and canvas products for ship sails from the same plant. Imagine not having to import these products or the material it takes to manufacture them!
• Imagine a sweater softer than any fabric you've ever felt before, and more durable than cotton. Hemp wears well for a long time. Creating clothing from hemp fiber is one way to make a big change in how farmers can protect the soil by raising a crop that is more environmentally friendly than cotton.
• Clothing made using cloth made using hemp fibers naturally wicks moisture, has anti-microbial properties, and protects from UV rays. Hemp cloth is strong, holds its shape extremely well. It is a porous fiber, which allows it to breathe and respond to a person’s body heat. This will help keep you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s not.

All of these and so many more products can be created using Hemp!