Is it Hemp or Marijuana?

Both Hemp and Marijuana are plants that have been found to have many beneficial uses without altering their basic genetic and natural existing parts.
Still Hemp is often confused with and put in the same category as its cousin, marijuana, which does have some amazingly positive medical benefits, but is more known for its use to get “high”.
Cannabis is a genus of flowering plants in the family Cannabaceae. The genus is widely accepted as being indigenous to and originating from Central Asia, with some researchers also including upper South Asia in its origin.
  In early civilizations, tall, sturdy plants were grown to make a variety of foods, oils and textiles, such as rope and fabrics. Some of these plants were bred with other plants with the similar characteristics, leading to the type of cannabis we now know as hemp. Other plants that had psychoactive traits were grown for medical and religious purposes, creating the varieties of cannabis that we now call marijuana.
  Hemp and Marijuana are two names for cannabis plants. This classification was part of the argument made to Congress years ago.
  It was presented to Congress by corporate executives who were worried about how a simple, easy to grow plant with so many uses could to create Eco-friendly products that threatened their greedy aspirations, that since Marijuana and Hemp plants are so closely related and look so much alike, they both had to be banned!
  Hemp has so little THC that it could never get you high, even if you smoked a whole field! But it was banned and added to the category of drugs that it had no relation to in any manner.
  All cannabis plants contain unique compounds called cannabinoids. Over 60 different cannabinoids have been identified, but THC is the most well known.
  Marijuana plants contain high levels of THC, which and is credited for causing the marijuana high. Hemp contains very little of this psychoactive chemical. This single difference is what most rely on to distinguish hemp from marijuana. Countries like Canada, and now the USA have set the maximum THC content of hemp at 0.3%. Any cannabis plant tested with a higher THC levels is considered to be marijuana.
  Hemp is usually grown outdoors to maximize its size and yield and little attention is paid to individual plants, whereas medical marijuana is usually grown indoors where it is easy to give special attention to each plant to maximize it potential for flowering.

       So why is Hemp so important, and why should you care?
Stay tuned to upcoming posts for some answers to those questions.