Responding to Climate Change Through Art

Climate change is one of the topics that makes people want to turn off and disengage.

It shouldn’t be that way.

I use art-based images in my store to create products that can showcase and cover a growing, and often ignored, issues regarding the oncoming approach of the effects of our changing climate.
Environmental ART has the Power to Change the Way we View our World.

Some of the images showcase the innate beauty in nature, while others will want to make a statement with beautiful or controversial imagery to get people talking.
When someone uses a mug or reusable water container, or wears a t-shirt with a message that can encourage people to rethink their relationship with the Earth and their Environment, it will make more people aware of what needs to be done to insure a sustainable future for our children.
Sometimes, you need more than just the facts and data to really bring home the reality of the approaching climate crisis. You need to make an emotional connection.
And what better way to do it than through the power of art?
My products offer a chance to use Art to create an emotional story that can inspire people to promote environmental awareness.
I have created artwork that carries a message that I hope can be used to ignite a passion in many people to help prevent further environmental damage.
Although many people have recommended immediate and far-reaching social, economic and technological responses, sadly this isn’t currently happening. Campaigns for change have had marginal effect on our political leaders.

So what, if anything, can using artful images do to create conversations?

By using art-based messages to explore the ubiquitous and unnerving imagery of climate change and how it will affect people on a very personal level, may make them stop and think and do a bit of exploring to learn more of the truth about what is happening in our world that is not good for the future generations.

They may become more emboldened to question the logic behind allowing toxic chemicals to be dumped into our waterways and airways and other various types of pollution and its impact upon civilization? They may begin to look closer at how humankind has historically created changes to make the environment less important than money or pleasures and start speaking up to demand a different way of looking at how we treat our environment.
It's all connected.
How we live our lives is closely related to the state of our earth. Nature strives for balance. I am using art to offer people to consider new visions and new choices to create a more balanced Earth.
When people start looking at the choices they and our government are making, it does not have to be just a dark and sad story. By looking closer at these choice, it offers the opportunity to share and envision concepts of positive actions and initiatives that can be taken at home and around the world.
When people begin to engage in conversations inspired by an image, the viewer as a consumer and citizen can begin to latch onto more ideas and ways that they can make a difference and contribute to positive changes to create a more sustainable world through the choices they make.

So is there a conversation you need a little help getting started?

Check out the store to discover the perfect item to use to get people talking and thinking about how to create a more sustainable future today.