What is Hemp?

Let’s start with an obvious observation.
Hemp is a plant, a very versatile and useful plant.
Every part of the hemp plant can be used for many, many different purposes, none of which will get a person high.
Yes, every part can be used!

That means the flowers, seeds, leaves, stalks and roots all can be turned into products that are bio-degradable, Eco-friendly and do no harm to people and the Earth.
Hemp is a phyto-remediative plant, which means it decontaminates soil by absorbing pollutants, replenishes vital nutrients, and prevents erosion.
Hemp is abundantly productive and will grow forever in the same area. So hemp can be planted in the same field year after year and doesn’t need to be rotated as many other crop require.

This makes Hemp a very important plant to begin explore more uses of it to help create a more sustainable future for America and all our children's future.