Hemp Earth Art

Images and Quotes to Promote Hemp and Love for Mother Earth expressed in an Artistic Manner.

All of my adult life I have explored ways to create art that uniquely expresses a connection with the spirit that dwells within us all and how it relates to the natural world. I have discovered many ways to create art working within various media in the past such as weaving, knotting, marbling, silk-screen, found objects, photography and feathers.

I have created journals and books about subjects that are dear to my heart that have incorporated my photos and writing skills to share ideas and inspire people to make changes in their lives. A little over ten years ago, I added the concept of recycling and composting to an art festival and wrote a book, “How to Plan a Sustainable Event” so others could follow the steps I took to make that happen. So I couldn’t imagine moving into a new marketplace that didn’t involve using my artistic talents to promote Nature and other things I believe in as ways to help people look around and envision different ways to see how to create a more sustainable future for all our children.

I have always felt that one of the biggest mistakes our country ever made was to make hemp illegal. I know some of the reasons behind these laws being implemented had to do with large, profit-focused corporations convincing politicians that marijuana was an evil weed, and that hemp was the same plant, so both needed to be banned from being grown in America. But hemp was actually a very benign and useful plant that made big “pharma”, logging companies and cotton farmers were just a few groups that worried it was a threat to their industries and jumped on the bandwagon to ban it along with marijuana. So sadly, it was made illegal along with marijuana in the 1950’s.

Recently so many people have worked very hard to get hemp back to legal status in all 50 states. And all that hard work paid off when they succeeded to reach this goal in 2018. Sure there are still some glitches to getting all the pieces around growing and transporting it resolved. Thankfully those challenges are being worked on together by people in the industry and politicians.

Hemp farmers are sprouting up all across America!

Inventive and bright entrepreneurs are discovering so many more ways to create hemp-based products beyond CBD oil and hemp seeds. So happily, hemp is on its way to being a strong economic and sustainable factor for America’s sustainable monetary future in ways that are more helpful than harmful to the Ecosystem.

My goal with the Hemp-Earth-Art Store is twofold.

First, many of these products have a message that celebrates hemp in a unique way and bring people’s awareness of the many diverse ways hemp can be useful beyond CBD oil. Others have images or quotes that can awaken people’s awareness to discover reasons to be more conscious of how we all need to nurture our natural surroundings and discover ways to be better stewards of Planet Earth.

There is no “Planet B” for us to live upon. Earth is the only resource we have for agave, cacao and hops that are the basic ingredients for many things we love to indulge in, such as tequila, chocolate and beer.

Secondly, I hope using and wearing these items can awaken your imagination for changes you might want to make or invent ways to use hemp. They can used as a visual aid to get people engaged in conversations about ways tor create a sustainable future for generations to come and stop adding more plastic waste to our waterways and landfills. The ones focused on hemp can be useful to will lead the way to a better understanding of how the amazing hemp plant can be used for on many levels. Hemp can be used to replace non-biodegradable plastic items, make hempcrete, replace wood for paper products and cotton fibers for clothing, plus as healthy alternatives to pharmaceuticals that carry with then many nasty side-effects, and so much more.

Each image or quote can be a starting place that represents the beginning of something very new and filled with potential as a way to express another magic-infused nature-based concept for sharing your love of Nature and all it has to offer us when we treat it with respect instead of adding more pollution from manufactured, non-biodegradable products.

The idea of placing these types of quotes and images on mugs, shirts and bags is just a starting place to encourage people who believe it is more Eco-friendly to use a mug than a styrofoam cup or a cloth bag when shopping, and has one that shares their bold expression of ideas or love of Nature or hemp deeply resonated with me.

My vision for many of these images is that when a person takes the time to focus on them and allows their imagination to roam about the forms they discover and experience positive energies created by this unique view of our natural environment that can send them on a magical journey for their mind to begin thinking in new ways to appreciate this planet they live upon.

There are many more hemp and Nature images, and items they can be printed, upon that will be showing up in the store in the future as I discover what interests people the most.

So if you have an idea for an image or quote, or would like to add your business logo to an image you see here to have it placed on a T-shirt to wear or have it printed on a mug or bag, please let me know so we can work on that idea to together and bring it to fruition quickly and easily.

Please join me in exploring how to use these natural art images look on mugs, tumblers, beer steins, towels, cloth tote bags and t-shirts to start conversations while taking a step towards a more sustainable world in an artistic manner. So when you see one fits your vision of home decor or how you dress, purchase it to show the world how you appreciate Nature and Hemp expressed in an artful way.

Let’s fall down a rabbit hole of creativity together and get people thinking about new ways to work together to green America for future generations to enjoy clean air and water.

Julia L. Wright