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Colorful Creatures at Colorado Paint Mines-Tote Bag


Colorful Creatures at Colorado Paint Mines-Tote Bag


A photograph of a formation at the Paint Mines in Colorado was used to create an intriguing image of creatures that appeared when it was twisted a bit.

 Do you know someone who enjoys abstract art and wild colors? This would be the perfect Gift for most any person in you world who loves colorful art. Wouldn’t they love to carry this very dramatic reusable tote bag?

 This can be a very artistic way to demonstrate your love for Mother Earth by using an artistic reusable Tote Bag with tall handle. Using reusable bags eliminates the need for so many plastic bags that are created from petroleum-based products that don’t biodegrade and are harming our planet’s Ecosystem. All sorts of plastic products are not only a major problem in our landfills, but are also clogging our waterways. Creatures on land and in the water everywhere become entangled in them or consume them, then die. Let everyone know you are working to create a change for a more Eco-Friendly approach to a world of clean air and water for future generations to enjoy. Carry it when shopping to avoid using non-sustainable plastics bags for your purchases. Perhaps this image could start an interesting conversation and change the way others look at plastic bags.


Comes in four colors: Pink, Gold, Tan or Copper.

18" x 18" Tote Bag

100% spun polyester poplin fabric

1 inch wide cotton shoulder strap

Black fabric lined

Dry or Spot Clean Only

Coming Soon!

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